Police Misconduct

We respect police officers as symbols of authority and order in our society. When that citizen-officer trust is violated by a policeman or policewoman, however, the injury can be scarring. The attorneys at The Stroud Law Firm understand your hesitation and fears in standing up to police misconduct but recognize the need for action.

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The United States Constitution and other state and federal laws provide certain protections to citizens from the use of unlawful and excessive force by law enforcement. These laws also provide us protection from oppressive and unreasonable governmental searches and seizures of our persons and our homes. When these fundamental rights are violated, the law provides legal recourse against such misconduct. The attorneys at The Stroud Law Firm have helped numerous clients obtain justice by means of compensation for violation of these Constitutional rights and for the injuries resulting from an officer’s use of excessive force. We have represented clients in a variety of such cases, including:

  • Use of excessive force by arresting officers
  • Death of jail inmates
  • Inadequate suicide policies and procedures for jail facilities
  • Inadequate “use of force” policies and procedures for jail facilities
  • Unlawful arrest and detention of law-abiding citizens
  • TASER abuse

If you have been the victim of police misconduct, don’t suffer in silence. Contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Stroud Law Firm today. We represent clients throughout Northern Mississippi and the Memphis metro area.