Semi Truck and Trailer Accidents

Semi truck accidents are among the most dangerous traffic crashes, resulting in the most serious injuries of any type of motor vehicle accident. This is in large part due to the size of the trucks, the weight of the load being carried, and speed at which most of these large trucks travel.

Often times, semi truck accidents occur due to the negligence of the driver or a mechanical failure of the truck itself. In any event, it is important to conduct a complete investigation into the cause for the accident as soon as possible after the accident occurs. A good investigation includes the taking of photographs of the accident scene and the vehicles involved (to be used later by an accident reconstruction expert), interviewing of accident witnesses, and putting the trucking company on notice of the claim and making a written demand that they preserve all relevant information that can later be used as evidence in the case.

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Common causes for trucking accidents are driver fatigue, speeding, and carrying too heavy a load. These causes often stem from the desire by the trucking company to maximize company profits at the expense of the safety of other drivers on the highway.

The Stroud Law Firm has experience handling semi truck accidents and will act quickly to discover the cause of the accident and preserve evidence that will be crucial to proving your case.

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