Resisting Arrest and Disorderly Conduct

Northern Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with resisting arrest or disorderly conduct, there are likely a range of emotions spinning through your head: confusion, frustration, and worry. This a serious charge and can carry a hefty sentence if convicted. You need someone in your corner in a time when it is difficult to find someone on your side.

That’s where the experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Stroud Law Firm, based in Southaven, Mississippi, come in. Our attorneys understand your situation and will work with you to secure the best possible outcome for your case. You deserve to have your rights defended, and we will walk you through the entire process.

Don’t try to handle a resisting arrest or disorderly conduct charge alone. Below are some of the legal consequences for a conviction:

Mississippi Code Annotated § 97-35-7 deals with the crime of disorderly conduct.

  • The disorderly conduct law seeks to punish disobedience of a lawful command of a police officer. A person can be guilty of disorderly conduct if that person fails to comply with a police officer’s command which is given in order to avoid a breach of the peace.
  • The possible penalties for disorderly conduct are a fine of up to $500 or imprisonment in the county jail for up to six months, or both.

Often times, police officers will charge a person with disorderly conduct when the circumstances surrounding the incident actually do not constitute a crime. A qualified attorney can find the problems with an arrest and recognize the defenses available to a person wrongfully charged with a crime.

If you have been charged with disorderly conduct in Southaven, Olive Branch, Horn Lake, Hernando, Tunica, DeSoto County, or any of the surrounding Northern Mississippi areas, you may have defenses available to you. Likewise, resisting arrest charges in Olive Branch, Horn Lake,  Hernando, Tunica, or Southaven will also require a solid defense. It is important that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney representing you and looking out for your rights. Contact The Stroud Law Firm today to discuss your case.