Tunica, Mississippi, Criminal Defense Attorneys

In Tunica, Mississippi, criminal defense attorneys frequently find themselves busy defending those arrested for a variety of crimes. The lights of the casinos are alluring to many people and the major gambling center keeps criminal defense attorneys occupied as the money in the town can sometimes lead individuals to make poor decisions.

As Tunica criminal defense attorneys know, the Bill of Rights contained in the U.S. Constitution provides important rights to criminal defendants during their trials. The first, and arguably most important, right guaranteed by the Constitution involves the presumption that all criminal defendants are innocent. This is critically important because it means that defendants are not left in the compromising position of having to prove they did not do something. Instead, the law is clear that the burden of proof is on the prosecution to demonstrate that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Beyond this important hallmark of the criminal justice system are additional rights that ensure that criminal defendants are presented with a fair opportunity to demonstrate their innocence before a judge or a jury. One example is that defendants have the right to remain silent, choosing to speak or not speak as they see fit. The Fifth Amendment provides this protection from having to produce evidence against yourself. This right is taken quite seriously and means that if a defendant chooses to remain silent, neither a prosecutor nor a judge can force defendant to testify. Often times, Tunica criminal defense attorneys recommend that their clients remain silent as the more they say only gives prosecutors additional chances to find inconsistencies that can later be exploited at trial.

Criminal defendants also have the right to a speedy trial, meaning prosecutors are not permitted to drag their feet, intentionally delaying the trial as a stall tactic to punish the defendant or as a way of buying time to gather additional evidence. The Sixth Amendment is the section of the Constitution that grants this right, though the language is somewhat vague. It falls to each judge to decide how much of a delay is appropriate and when that delay becomes so long that it encroaches on a defendant’s freedom. It is the job of an experienced Tunica criminal defense attorney to ensure that if a speedy trial is in a client’s best interest that the judge is persuaded to speed things along with the utmost haste.

If you, or someone you know, have been charged with any crime in Tunica, Mississippi or the surrounding area, you should consult with an experienced attorney. A skilled attorney will know whether it is in your best interest to submit to the charges and work out a plea agreement or whether to contest the charges and take the matter to trial. The Tunica criminal defense attorneys at The Stroud Law Firm will work hard to assist you in your defense.