Medical Malpractice

Doctors, nurses, and other health care providers are trained to diagnose and treat injuries, illness, and diseases. We, as the general public, rely heavily upon them to provide us with sound advice and quality treatment. Most of the time, the treatment provided to patients falls within an acceptable standard of care for the medical community.

Are there time limits to sue for injuries in a Mississippi medical malpractice case?

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But what happens when the doctor, nurse, or healthcare professional provides care that is below the acceptable standard of care? What if, as a result of the doctor’s negligence or inattention, the patient is hurt, a critical diagnosis is missed, or the patient dies. Who is responsible?

The hard, staggering facts are that approximately 98,000 patients die as a result of medical errors in U.S. hospitals every year. That is the equivalent of losing one commercial jumbo jet airliner full of people each day of the year. Of those 98,000 deaths, a very small percentage will ever pursue a claim. Why?

As a matter of background, medical malpractice is a “lawyer term” for the negligence of a healthcare provider. There are certain acceptable standards of care for treatment of patients that must be violated in order to maintain a successful malpractice claim. Mere “negligence” of the doctor is not enough. A mere bad outcome from treatment is not enough. In order to determine whether the standard of care has been violated, the medical professional’s conduct must be compared to the conduct of other medical professionals in the same field and in the same geographical region. Expert testimony is almost always needed in order to successfully pursue a medical malpractice claim.

The medical malpractice lawyers at The Stroud Law Firm have successfully litigated medical malpractice claims on behalf of our clients. As with most personal injury matters, we handle these cases on a contingency fee basis. In simple terms, if you don’t get paid—we don’t get paid! You are not charged an attorneys’ fee unless we recover money for you.

If you have a loved one that has been killed or seriously injured due to the negligence of a hospital or physician in Mississippi or Tennessee, it is important for you to speak with an experienced medical malpractice attorney to evaluate the claim.

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