Liability & Malpractice Law Videos

The Stroud Law Firm’s team of attorneys answer some of your most frequently asked questions about Liability and Malpractice Law in this series of short videos.

Full List of Liability & Malpractice Law Videos

  1. Do I need an attorney for my Mississippi medical malpractice case?
  2. Does a bad outcome from a doctor mean that medical malpractice has occurred?
  3. How are future damages calculated in a wrongful death case in Mississippi?
  4. I was sexually assaulted by a police officer or jailor while in custody. What should I do?
  5. I was tased by a police officer/jailor. Do I have a claim?
  6. My parents are in a nursing home. How can I tell if they are being neglected?
  7. What do I do if I think I have a medical malpractice claim?
  8. What is a Mississippi wrongful death claim and what kinds of damages can be sought in a lawsuit?
  9. Who can bring a lawsuit on behalf of someone killed in a car accident?


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